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  • Changes in your loved one’s social behavior or habits
  • Unopened mail or change in their bill paying habits
  • Check the refrigerator to see if its stocked accordingly
  • They seem to be having trouble using their household appliances or leaving them on after use
  • You have noticed your loved one having trouble walking or having balance issues. Don’t wait till after your loved one falls to get them help
  • Unusual deterioration of their home and/or person effects
  • Uncommon changes to their personal hygiene
  • It seems to take an unusually long time to running simple errands or getting lost while driving in the neighborhood
  • An increase in the number of dents or scrapes on your loved one’s car
  • Their forgetfulness has increased to a point that may pose a potential danger to themselves or others
  • Check the medicine bottles, date picked up and daily dosage. Does the number of pills left make sense?
  • Are they physically unable to complete normal day to day activities in the home?

How do I determine if it’s time to seek help for your loved one? Many experts have been quoted saying the key is not an individual’s age, but their cognitive or physical condition. Look for signs of change.