Remember the old adage; You get what you pay for!

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  • No bond to cover illegal acts of a caregiver
  • No workers compensation coverage to protect your loved ones if a caregiver got hurt on their property
  • No liability insurance in case the caregiver was to hurt someone or damage your loved one’s property
  • No verification the caregivers:
    • Are registered with the CA. Dept. Social Services
    • Have completed State and Federal Finger Print Background Investigation
    • Been tested for Tuberculosis
    • Current on all Required CE training classes 
    • Has a clean DVM report
    • Has current auto insurance

Not all Caregiver Agencies are the same. Make sure you know the difference between a “Caregiver Referral Agency” and a “Homecare Agency”

Referral agencies currently advertise themselves as being fully “Licensed, Bonded, and Insured”. Unfortunately, the caregivers they are referring to take care of your loved ones are not covered since they are not their employee’s but are independent contractors.  A quick giveaway is how inexpensive the advertised caregiver’s hourly rates are.