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Angels on Earth Ethical Behavior of Care & Client Rights Statement

  • Deliver the best possible level of care to each of our clients at all times
  • Provide caregivers with the required skills to meet the needs of each of our clients
  • Treat each client with dignity, respect and professionalism at all times
  • Provide services free from abuse, discrimination and exploitation
  • Protect our client’s personal information and privacy at all times
  • Active client participate in the development of any care plan
  • Inform the client in advance of changes in their care plan
  • Openly communicate any and all issues which may negatively affect a client’s well-being or standard of care
  • Open communication allowing our client to voice their opinion or complaint without any form of repercussion, fear of retaliation or refusal of services
  • Provide a “Client Binder” which provides written procedures, clients care information and resource information for both our caregivers and the client
  • Abide by all applicable federal and state laws, rules, regulations, professional code of conduct standards including insurance and bonds.
  • Conducting ourselves in a professional and respectful manner when working with, or communicating with our Client and their family members
  • Personally investigates all complaints of suspected abuse, neglect and or exploitation of adults while under the supervision of a caregiver provided by Angels on Earth Caregivers, LLC.
  • Have a written agreement which clearly lists
    • The services being provided
    • The amount being charged to provide the services
    • And the companies billing practices