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You Have Choices 

Your Personal Liability

The homeowner policy protects you when something goes wrong, other than when an automobile is involved.  The risk of a caregiver hurting themselves, especially if not properly trained or supervised is very common. Your loved one may find yourself without coverage and unfortunately paying out a lot of money when this occurs.  Angels on Earth carries Workers Compensation coverage giving you piece of mind. 


Most importantly, you would be choosing to leave your loved one in the care of someone not qualified to handle the wide array of tasks most people require.

The topic of hiring a person who is not legally able to work in the US is often not discussed openly.  We understand that cost sometimes is a big factor driving people in this direction.  We urge you to consider the potential risk both in regards to the well-being of your loved one, as well as legal repercussions that may emerge from this source of home healthcare.

The Cost

Regardless of which choice you make for your loved one’s care, we understand this is not a cheap endeavor. Many opt for paying someone under the table in order to save money.  However, choosing this route really does not save you money because the costs of licensed home care aid services are tax deductible.  You will lose your IRS tax deduction when choosing the option.

The Legal Risk

If something does go wrong, you may have little or no legal recourse to turn to if you are enlisting the help of someone who is not legally employable for this position. In this business, we have heard countless stories of the hardships that have come from soliciting services from these outlets.  We feel the potential cost savings is simply not worth the risk to your loved one’s life and safety. 

Transportation Liability

Another area to take into consideration is the liability risks involved with choosing a home care service that is unverified. For one, many clients require being transported in their vehicles to various appointments or errands. In our experience, most people would prefer to be driven to and from in their own car by the caregiver. Angels on Earth requires proof of car insurance and driving record from each of our employees which protects you in the event of an injury accident.  You may not have any coverage afforded you through your own personal auto policy otherwise.

Living in La Jolla you have many choices when choosing the right caregiver for your situation.  We feel it’s important to sit down and have an open conversation about all of your choices, even if it means losing a potential new client to one of our competitors.  We feel it’s important to address a potentially dangerous and irresponsible outlet of care that many choose for their loved ones, the hiring of undocumented workers and/or the hiring of unqualified caregivers.